Martin Luther King Jr. Medical Center Inpatient Tower Renovation

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About the Project

The $217 million, 194,000-SF, Martin Luther King (MLK) Jr. Medical Center consisted of two major components, an existing Inpatient Tower (IPT) Building and an Ancillary Building. The existing IPT building was renovated to house approximately 120 patient beds and other essential hospital services, such as an emergency department, inpatient pharmacy, radiology, operating rooms, and central sterilization and support functions. The emergency department will support an estimated 30,000 annual visits, with an additional 5,000 annual patient follow-up visits. The IPT is supplemented by an existing 28,000-SF Hospital Services Building that houses materials management, food and nutrition services, and waste management services. A pneumatic tube system was installed to serve and connect the Inpatient Tower, new MACC and Hawkins buildings.

The two-story, 23,000-SF Ancillary Building, adjacent to the IPT, is integral to its circulation and operation. This building contains the main entry point and lobby to the hospital, the cafeteria to serve the entire campus, and corridors required to traverse the various reconfigured campus buildings. It also houses Hospital Administration on the second floor of the building. This building sits atop the existing utility and new pedestrian tunnels providing access between the Hospital Service Building and the IPT.

Quick Facts

  • Location Los Angeles, CA
  • Client County of Los Angeles - Department of Public Works (DPW)
  • Industry Healthcare
  • Line of Business Construction
  • Completion Date October 2014
  • Duration 43 months
  • Contract Value $ 216,813,163
  • Square Footage 282,000 SF


2014 Awards

  • Los Angeles Architectural Awards (LAAA) – Healthcare
  • Award of Excellence-Healthcare – LABC Los Angeles Business Council
  • Contribution to the Community – AGC of CA Constructor Award

2012 Awards

California Legislature Assembly Office of the Speaker – Outreach Program Contractor of the Year Award

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