Employment Email Fraud Warning

Hensel Phelps would like you to be aware of an intricate scam involving the fraudulent use of our company name and logo in online employment offers sent to unsuspecting applicants. These scams request applicants to provide intimate personal information and charge money for visas and work authorizations. Sometimes, the perpetrators direct the applicant to contact an individual at a United States embassy, which turns out to be fake, as well. Although the real Hensel Phelps name, logo, and website are used in the “Agreement and Job Offer Letter,” the contact email is a variation of the company domain and is not authentic.

Due to fraudulent conduct of this type, our policy requires individuals who live outside the United States to apply for employment in person. We do not accept applications online or via regular mail for individuals living outside the United States. Most importantly, Hensel Phelps never asks any applicant to pay money as a condition of employment, whether as a fee for applying or seeking a visa or for any other reason. If you are ever asked for money when applying to Hensel Phelps, you can safely assume the job solicitation is not genuine.

Below is an example of what to look for:

“Dear Applicant,

We are glad to inform you that your resume is find interesting and suitable to be one of our staff in Hensel phelps Construction company, United State of America.,The organization have taken necessary action in forwarding the CV/RESUME to our Administrative Management Department(A.M.D) for further processing.

Kindly fill the interview and job application form and scan back today for urgent processing.and more details about you and your family and procedure on how to join us at Hensel phelps Construction company, United State of America. without any delay.

We are also notifying you that each applicant selected will bear their visa charges,while our Organization will be responsible for all your hospitality,including tax,feeding,Accommodation and flight ticket.

Kindly Email your filled scan copy to:”

Hensel Phelps is working diligently with the proper authorities to try and put an end to these illegal activities. If you receive an email as described above, you should not respond. You certainly should not send any money.

As always, we encourage qualified applicants to apply with Hensel Phelps via legitimate channels.