Mid South

Hensel Phelps has worked in the Mid South region of the United States since 1987. This area of the country continues to grow at a rapid pace and our work in the region has grown with it. To better serve this market and its current and future growth, Hensel Phelps established a permanent office in Nashville, TN in 2018. Maintaining a strong presence in Nashville will allow Hensel Phelps to better serve long-standing and future clients.

Mid South District Office

1600 Division St #220
Nashville, TN 37203

Phone: 615.338.9104

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For New Business Opportunities

Plan – Development Opportunities Laird Heikens, President – Development Group

Build – Construction Opportunities Neal Terrell, Project Development Director

Manage – Facility Life Solutions Opportunities Ray Cullen, Director of Client Solutions – Services Group

District Leadership

Allan J. Bliesmer, Executive Vice President

Justin Starnes, Southeast District Manager & Vice President

Tim Davis, Chief Estimator

Clif Fesler, Operations Manager