Defense Logistics Agency Operations Center

About the Project

The new Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Headquarters building in Richmond, Virginia was built to consolidate the agency’s operations and telecommunications center, and to modernize the space and amenities available to their staff. The building provides an aesthetic upgrade, a technical one, and room for future expansion.


The project was phased to provide for efficient completion by the Hensel Phelps team. First, they demolished Buildings 31 and 32, warehouses constructed in the 1940s which originally served as aircraft maintenance and parts storage, but had then been converted into office space. The project team was able to re-use 70,000 bricks from these original structures, incorporating them into an outdoor plaza and unique lobby wall in the new headquarters building.


After the site was cleared, the team began work on the new 252,982 SF command headquarters, designed to accommodate 875 personnel. The headquarters building includes a Commanding General Officer suite; open and individual administrative office areas; and administrative support areas. Features that benefit the staff working there include a new state-of-the-art information processing center; secure operational and unclassified conference and Video Tele-Conference (VTC) space; multi-use and distance learning classrooms; conference space; a Command and Control Center; and amenities such as a cafeteria and retail space. Site improvements included walks, curbs, and gutters; parking and site circulation access roads; signage; fencing and gates, erosion controls and landscaping; an exterior ceremonial presentation area; flagpoles; covered walkways; and integrated smoking structures.


The origins of the Defense Logistics Agency date back to World War II when America’s huge military buildup required the rapid procurement of vast amounts of munitions and supplies. Since that time, the agency has expanded or consolidated its efforts to reflect the nation’s needs during combat, post-combat, and contingency operations. The DLA has also been a major provider of logistical aid and support on humanitarian and disaster relief missions.

Quick Facts

  • Location Richmond, VA
  • Client U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Norfolk
  • Industry Government + Justice
  • Line of Business Construction
  • Completion Date 10/20/2018
  • Contract Value $ 82,736,391
  • Square Footage 252,982 SF

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