Located in Thornton, Colorado, the Plains District oversees the mountain states and parts of the central United States. The Plains District Office also assists other districts in work procurement, preconstruction services, safety, scheduling, accounting, and other support that may be required.

Plains District Office

12121 Grant Street, Suite 410
Thornton, CO 80241

Phone: 720-592-2000

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For New Business Opportunities

Plan – Development Opportunities Laird Heikens, President – Development Group

Build – Construction Opportunities Lenee Koch, Project Development Director

Manage – Facility Life Solutions Opportunities Ray Cullen, Director of Planning – Services Group

District Leadership

Richard G. Tucker, Executive Vice President

Allan J. Bliesmer, Plains District Manager & Vice President

Ryan Martorano, Chief Estimator


Local Regional Offices

Denver Area Office

501 Lincoln Street
Denver, Colorado 80203

Phone: 720-398-5700