Phoenix Sky Harbor Sky Train

About the Project

The Phoenix Sky Harbor Sky Train Extension project included 1.9 miles of dual elevated and grade level guideway structures, three center loaded passenger platform stations, power substations, equipment rooms, and utility infrastructure to support the Phoenix Sky Harbor automated people mover (APM). The project’s signature structures are the 120-foot elevated bridge over Taxiway R, and an underpass along 44th Street below the Union Pacific Railroad.

Quick Facts

  • Location Phoenix, Arizona
  • Client City of Phoenix
  • Industry Infrastructure + Transportation
  • Line of Business Construction
  • Completion Date November 2012
  • Duration 50 Months
  • Contract Value $ 343,000,000
  • Sustainability Gold
  • Square Footage 52,968,960 SF

“I would absolutely hire Hensel Phelps again. They were a terrific partner throughout the design phase and construction. Their estimates proved to be on target , their fee was fair, and they didn’t nickel and dime us with changes along the way. I would rate them outstanding, a perfect 10 with respect to the quality of their staff. They provided the best qualified and most professional staff (from top to bottom) of the many, many contractors I’ve worked with over the years”.

Jay DeWitt; Deputy Director, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport


Fast-Tracking a Complex Project

Active airports always provide a challenging construction environment, and the Phoenix Sky Train Extension project was no exception. Coupled with Southwest Airlines desire for ZERO interrupted flights and a fast-track schedule, the airport also needed to reduce the overall project budget while maintaining the programmatic requirements.


Working With the Design-Build Team to Deliver Phased Construction

Phasing of the Sky Train project provided for an expedited construction start by allowing the construction team to receive the design in completed “pieces,” and begin construction of those pieces rather than waiting for the entire project design to be completed. In order to phase the construction, the team worked together to develop a phased design and construction schedule. By separating early phased construction activities and their associated GMPs, the project was fast-tracked and work was initiated prior to completion of the overall design.


Delivering Under Budget and Ahead of Schedule

Multiple sequencing challenges were presented throughout construction,but still the Hensel Phelps team persevered. By working collaboratively with the Phoenix Sky Harbor team and our design-build team members, this project was delivered $6 million dollars under budget and three months ahead of schedule. Hailed as a huge success for Phoenix Sky Harbor, Hensel Phelps continues to partner with the airport on other improvement projects.




  • ENR Southwest Best Projects | Transportation
  • ENR Southwest Best Projects | Safety
  • ABC Pyramid Award
  • ACI Distinguished Achievement Award
  • AMCA Best Project

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