Building Together

Created by employees and partners, Building Together is Hensel Phelps’ national diversity and inclusion campaign. Building Together highlights the importance of diversity within Hensel Phelps and the AEC industry. The campaign gives employees the opportunity to share their stories and learn from each other’s experiences.

Inspired by national events including Black History Month and Pride, as well as industry-focused issues such as women in construction and mental health awareness, Building Together’s efforts will increase awareness of challenges and opportunities posed to us as we build on our understanding and appreciation of our colleagues. By featuring voices both within and outside the company, Building Together will highlight the many benefits and advantages of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

By Building Together, Hensel Phelps will continue to Deliver EXCELLENCE in all we do for generations to come.

“Building Together is more than just a campaign. It is our way to get to know and understand one another, and to develop deeper relationships with our coworkers and friends alike. There is so much for everyone to learn from this initiative, and we’re only going to come out as a stronger, more cohesive organization.”

– Brad Lewis, Hensel Phelps Director of Supplier Diversity

To view the full video library, check out our Building Together Playlist.