Subcontractor Outreach

Hensel Phelps is dedicated to small business outreach and achieving the highest possible level of diverse business inclusion on each of the projects our company undertakes. As a leading general contractor within the industry, it is important that we set an example. Our professionals are accountable for the implementation of this corporate commitment and work hard to customize an overall outreach plan to reach small and emerging businesses in our preconstruction, purchasing, and construction efforts. Not only do we host and attend outreach events for the small business community, but we solicit opportunities for these contractors. We help them both internally and with larger subcontractors — assisting in their prequalification, mentoring them through our Emerging Business Program, and unbundling larger scopes of work to create attractive prospects. Hensel Phelps also holds numerous networking events related to existing and upcoming procurements. These events are designed to reach out to local small business communities, elected officials and the surrounding neighborhoods as a whole.


Brad Lewis, our Corporate Director of Supplier Diversity, works with his team and directly with leadership in each of our district offices to assure that we not only comply with client objectives regarding subcontractor participation, but that we make every effort to support these small subcontractors’ growth through mutually beneficial partnerships. The end goal is to foster a healthy, competitive local business community where we all can thrive.