UT Medical Branch at Galveston Building 17 Expansion

About the Project

The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) is expanding its world-class research facilities to support the growing research activities on the Galveston campus. Supporting the strategic mission of UTMB, this valuable project will assure national accreditation for campus animal facilities and the level of future research programs – an attractive element to recruit the top scientists around the world.


Located on the active Northwest corner of The Strand and 11th Street, the 124,350-GSF project encompasses the renovation of two existing buildings, Building 17 and 20, and the expansion of Building 17. The Building 17 Expansion features a six-story, highly energy efficient humane animal research facility totaling 93,000 GSF. The ground floor houses non-critical functions such as a lobby and meeting space, in compliance with strict hurricane mitigation standards. Three floors are dedicated to the animals and related facilities such as cage washing, veterinary support, pharmacy, and mechanical space. Two floors of the modernized and expanded building, shelled during initial construction, are dedicated to laboratory and office space. The required renovations to Building 17, approximately 2,850 GSF, provide critical connections with the new addition.


A series of enclosed pedestrian bridges interconnecting Buildings 17, 17E, 19, and 20 will enable staff to care for animal populations even in the event of inclement weather and flooding. The bridges will provide a safe, secure, and private transfer of critical research assets between buildings within the research core of the UTMB Galveston campus. The Animal Resource Center, Building 20, will include a two-story renovation totaling 28,500 GSF. Animal populations currently housed there will be carefully relocated to the critical new facilities in the Building 17 Expansion. Building 20 will be repurposed to a consolidated campus logistical support facility for animals, including cage and rack washing. These facilities are planned to have redundant systems, ensuring continuous operations even in the event of major storms.

Quick Facts

  • Location Galveston, TX
  • Client The University of Texas System
  • Industry Education, Healthcare
  • Line of Business Construction
  • Completion Date August 2009
  • Contract Value $ 33,500,000
  • Square Footage 124,350 SF



  • Safety Through Exemplary Performance (STEP) Silver Award
  • Safety Through Exemplary Performance (STEP) Gold Award

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