University of Arizona Law Commons

About the Project

The Law Commons project at the University of Arizona in Tucson is a renovation of approximately 96,000 SF of the James E. Rogers College of Law building, focusing on interior space changes and renovations to the exterior façade of the building. Exterior changes included replacing precast veneer panels with glazing elements and ornamental metal canopies and screens, which brought significant light elements to the interior of the building, adding a skylight to the roof, and creating a courtyard gathering location for students and university functions.

The interior space renovation included relocation of classrooms, library stacks and offices, creating more open space and updating the interior finishes. Other significant changes include replacement and upgrades to the HVAC systems and updating and improving the lighting throughout the building. During construction it was necessary to relocate the entire faculty and student body to alternate classroom and office space locations on campus in order to vacate the building to facilitate the construction process. Hensel Phelps maintained minimal construction disruptions to everyday ongoing campus activities.

Quick Facts

  • Location Tucson, AZ
  • Client University of Arizona
  • Industry Education
  • Line of Business Construction
  • Completion Date July 2008
  • Duration 14 months
  • Contract Value $ 13,400,000
  • Square Footage 112,896 SF

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