San Jose Mineta International Airport Economy Lot Parking Garage

About the Project

The San Jose Mineta International Airport (SJC) Economy Log Parking Garage features a new 1,150 stall parking garage built in the existing SJC Economy Lot. The 341,600 SF structure encompassed five levels of parking and includes a parking guidance system, pay stations around the structure and several new bus shelters to accommodate travelers as they journey from the economy lot to the terminal. The garage includes infrastructure for EV charging stations and is designed and built to structurally support solar panels in the future.



Visible from Highway 101 in San Jose, the team worked to develop a concept that is both economical and visually appealing. The garage used a pre-cast concrete solution, similar to our previous SJC ConRac project, which allowed the project to minimize the on-site construction duration and reduce the number of deliveries to the jobsite.

Quick Facts

  • Location San Jose, CA
  • Client San Jose Mineta International Airport (SJC)
  • Architect Watry Design, Inc.
  • Industry Aviation
  • Line of Business Construction
  • Delivery Method Progressive Design-Build
  • Completion Date 05/19/2021
  • Contract Value $ 43,028,337
  • Square Footage 341,600 SF

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