Rosewood Amenity Deck & Garage

About the Project

The Rosewood Parking Garage project is a $15.4 million, three-level below grade parking garage located at the prestigious Mansion on Turtle Creek Hotel in Dallas, Texas. The 270-space, cast-in-place structure will primarily be reserved for hotel valet and employee parking. The parking garage features a swimming pool at the top deck, a 7,000-SF synthetic grass system, laser-cut custom wrought iron gates, and integral colored concrete. Since opening its doors 36 years ago, the Mansion on Turtle Creek has been a favorite luxury hotel to Dallas’ most affluent business guests and tourists. To keep up with visitor demands, the hotel selected Hensel Phelps to construct the 102,000 SF parking garage along with an amenity deck on the north side of the building. Construction began in December 2016 and was completed in May 2018.

Quick Facts

  • Location Dallas, TX
  • Client Mansion on Turtle Creek Hotel
  • Industry Hospitality
  • Line of Business Construction
  • Completion Date May 2018
  • Duration 16 months
  • Contract Value $ 15,436,191
  • Square Footage 102,000 SF
  • Other Features 270 parking spaces

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