Hensel Phelps Builds New Bikes for Kids

Friday June 7, 2024

Hensel Phelps is committed to engaging with the communities we serve across the country. Our team partnered with Wish for Wheels to build and gift brand-new bikes and helmets to 50 second graders from a local Title I school in Denver, Colorado. In total, 29 employees volunteered for three hours and built 50 bikes. Throughout the event, the team spent the afternoon assembling bikes, ensuring their quality and instructing the students on how to ride them. Each student had the opportunity to pick their own bike, which was then individually fitted by the Hensel Phelps volunteers.

One of the volunteers, Jordan Kragor, shared, “One of the most heartwarming moments was witnessing the students’ excitement as they received their new bikes. Their faces lit up with joy. Hearing their laughter and seeing them eagerly test out their new rides made all our work worthwhile. It served as a powerful reminder of the happiness a simple act of kindness can bring to others.”

Established in 2004, Wish for Wheels is driven by the mission to provide children with their very own bike and helmet. Their goal is to show organizations and corporate teams the impact of building a bike and personally delivering it to a child who has long dreamed of owning one. Another volunteer, Morgan Sims, expressed, “Volunteering with Hensel Phelps in the communities we serve is always a rewarding experience. The Wish for Wheels event was particularly special because we could witness the immediate value of our volunteer efforts.”