Construction Safety Week 2021 – Be Present. Be Focused. Be Safe.

Sunday May 2, 2021

Be Present. Be Focused. Be Safe.

Since Construction Safety Week’s founding in 2014, Safety Week has been a way for Hensel Phelps to promote a zero-accident safety culture and play a dedicated role in developing a stronger and safer construction industry. For seven years, this week has been primarily dedicated to the physical health of construction workers. Over the past few years, Hensel Phelps has made an increased effort to focus on an equally important topic—the mental safety and emotional well-being of its employees.

In the past two decades alone, the suicide rate in working age adults has increased by 40%. Nearly five times as many construction workers die by suicide than by any other work-related incident. Many of these individuals, along with their families, suffer through the difficulties of mental health without seeking help or guidance, one of the reasons this hardship has become known as the Invisible Crisis.

Hensel Phelps seeks to address this once silent topic and take action against the safety concern that has taken so many industry professionals’ lives. In an effort to emphasize the importance of mental health, Hensel Phelps is dedicating this year’s Construction Safety Week to holistic safety and mental health awareness within the construction industry.

Over the span of Safety Week, May 3 – 7, Hensel Phelps will engage in developmental activities with the goal of educating employees, family and partners on the importance of mental health and suicide prevention. Through toolbox talks, demonstrations, podcasts and social media, Hensel Phelps will address topics such as mental health, total wellness and the responsibilities we have to one another on and off the jobsite.

As part of an ongoing initiative, Hensel Phelps has partnered with clinical psychologist Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas, to deliver ongoing content for Hensel Phelps employees. Hensel Phelps Director of Safety and Health Jerry Shupe, speaks to Dr. Sally about Transformational Leadership in Suicide Prevention–Lessons Learned from the Construction Industry in her most recent podcast series.

To learn more about Safety Week and this important mission, please visit the Construction Safety Week website. To learn more about Hensel Phelps’ commitment to safety and why our goal is to be the safest general contractor in the industry, we invite you to visit our safety page.