Tampa International Airport Main Terminal Curbside Expansion Program

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About the Project

The Tampa International Airport Main Terminal Curbside Expansion Program includes the expansion of the curbsides, incorporating new elevated and at-grade lanes, a new Central Utility Plant and vertical circulation buildings for both the blue and red sides. The vertical circulation buildings will include conditioned lobbies to provide a means for passengers to access the main terminal via elevators and escalators from the new lanes. The work will also include appropriate roadway and terminal signage and other associated work deemed necessary to enable vehicle and passenger use of the curbsides, vertical circulation buildings and existing curbsides. These upgrades will further enhance the customer experience at Tampa International Airport (TPA). The Main Terminal Curbside Expansion Program is slated to finish in Summer 2023.


For more information on this project and bidding opportunities please visit, https://tiacurbside.henselphelps.com.


Quick Facts

  • Location Tampa, FL
  • Client Hillsborough County Aviation Authority (HCAA)
  • Industry Aviation
  • Line of Business Construction
  • Completion Date August 2023
  • Contract Value $ 250,000,000
  • Square Footage 150,000 SF

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