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Hensel Phelps’ government clients include new build, expansion / renovations, transitional and integrated facilities management (IFM) of administrative offices, cultural museum, command and control, data centers, warehousing, transportation, and maintenance facilities. More impressive is Hensel Phelps’ noteworthy portfolio of repeat clientele that stands as testimony to the satisfaction experienced when working with Hensel Phelps and our project teams.

In the below flip book, we have outlined how our Facility Services team can help provide you with a tailored government program that will meet your strategic objectives through planning, transparency, communicating and implementing the best in facilities management services.

Working with Our Facility Services Team

We take pride in our well-planned, safe, productive and quality-focused services operations, and we recognize that the support of our clients is a key ingredient in every successful Public project. We encourage you to connect with us and find out how our team can save you time and money by managing your government institution(s). For general inquiries or a no cost or obligation assessment of your operations, please contact:

Ray Cullen, DBIA
Director – Facility Solutions
720-617-9435 | Phone
Paul Rampaart
Director – Technical Solutions
602-377-1188 | Phone


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