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About the Project

Kaiser Permanente’s San Diego Medical Center is one of the most patient-friendly, technologically-enhanced and energy-efficient full-service hospitals in the world. A fully integrated approach to project planning, design, construction and commissioning enabled the hospital to begin treating patients six months before the scheduled completion date. LEED for Healthcare Platinum Certified, it is the first hospital in California, the second in the U.S., and the third in the world to achieve this designation. It is also the first hospital in the U.S. to utilize 100% LED lighting and active chilled beam technology, two of the many innovative strategies that resulted in a 30% increase in energy efficiency over previously designed Kaiser Template hospitals.

The new campus includes a 565,000-SF hospital with 321 beds that incorporates many ideas from Kaiser Permanente’s Small Hospital, Big Idea worldwide design competition. The hospital includes 10 operating rooms plus two shelled ORs; two procedure rooms; five interventional radiology/catheterization lab rooms; an emergency department with 39 treatment rooms; a 10-room imaging unit; maternal/child health services with 12 labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum (LDRP) beds, 33 postpartum and 15 antepartum beds; 40 intensive care beds; a 29-bed neonatal intensive care unit (NICU); a 24-bed pediatrics unit; and 168 medical surgical beds, along with central sterile, nutrition, laboratory, pharmacy and other support services.

A 38,981-SF Energy Center (central utility plant) supports the campus and provides on-site power with a 650kW microturbine based trigeneration plant. The 62,512-SF Hospital Support Building provides outpatient services for the hospital, and was designed and constructed to OSHPD 1 requirements. The redevelopment and conversion of the existing 72,000-SF office building into the Viewridge MOB incorporated Kaiser Permanente’s Reimagining Ambulatory Design (RAD) principles, providing a patient-centered, design-driven approach to medicine. The 20-acre campus was developed with extensive water features and specimen trees to encourage staff and member interactions with nature. This Healing Garden provides a two-mile long walking trail on site to promote healthy living while also creating natural opportunities for healing. Hensel Phelps was also the design-builder for the 1,479-car parking structure which also provides 325kW of solar power to the campus. The solar array was brought online early, providing a large chunk of the temporary construction power for the project.

Quick Facts

  • Location San Diego, CA
  • Client Kaiser Permanente
  • Industry Healthcare
  • Line of Business Construction
  • Completion Date October 2016
  • Duration 29 months
  • Contract Value $ 850,000,000
  • LEED Platinum
  • Square Footage 565,000 SF

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