Q&A with Hensel Phelps Intern Tristan Clark

Thursday August 20, 2020

For the second summer in a row, Tristan Clark has joined the Hensel Phelps team and is currently working at the Calexico Land Port of Entry Phase 2A project in Calexico, CA. Tristan is currently studying Construction Management at Northern Arizona University, graduating this upcoming spring.

Hensel Phelps Q&A with Tristan Clark:

Name: Tristan Clark
School/Graduation Year: Northern Arizona University / Spring 2021
Field of Study: Construction Management
Hometown: Cottonwood, Arizona
District: Western
Project: Calexico Land Port of Entry Phase 2A
Fun/Random Fact: Tristan reached a speed of 64 MPH on a snowboard.

This is your second summer working with Hensel Phelps. What was it that make you come back?

The culture that I was exposed to made it an easy answer if I wanted to intern with Hensel Phelps again. The amount of responsibility I was trusted with, the teaching I received and the outside of work experience I had with Hensel Phelps employees made my decision clear when deciding if I wanted to intern for another summer.

What’s your favorite thing about working for Hensel Phelps?

My favorite thing about working for Hensel Phelps is how much responsibility is given to you from the FE (field engineer) position to even the intern role. You feel vital to the project no matter what position you are in and there is always someone there to help you when you need it.

What are your goals for this internship and your career?

My goals for this internship is to enhance my knowledge and skills as a builder and learn something new each day. My career goal is to earn a full time offer with Hensel Phelps at the end of my internship.

What does “Delivering EXCELLENCE in all we do.” mean to you?

Delivering EXCELLENCE in all we do to me means that all Hensel Phelps employees are striving to deliver the best performance possible every day for every task. The standard is excellence and nothing less.

What was the best advice you’ve received during your internship?

The best advice I received during my internship was to “Be a sponge and absorb every bit of information given to you. Even the smallest amount of information could be useful at some point in your career.”


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