Bellvue Water Treatment Plant – Package B

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About the Project

This improvement project entailed the construction of two 10 million gallons per day (MGD) conventional treatment trains, including a single rapid mix, three-stage horizontal paddle flocculation with redwood baffles, plate settlers, vacuum sludge collector equipment in each basin, and a total of six filters. The work included the installation of a master PLC for the plant and the controls for new filters and pre-treatment equipment, as well as the construction of a new raw water metering vault with low-flow and high-flow metering capacities equipped with chemical injection points and isolation valves. A 21,652 SF metal building was constructed over the two 10 MGD treatment trains, which included a new control room, offices, break room and laboratory. Additional work included site improvements, electrical, instrumentation and control and system start-up. The project increased plant capacity from 25 MGD to 45 MGD.

Quick Facts

  • Location Bellvue, CO
  • Client City of Greeley
  • Industry Water + Wastewater
  • Line of Business Construction
  • Completion Date June 2020
  • Contract Value $ 25,457,710
  • Other Features Size/capacity: 45 MGD

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