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The Facility Life Cycle: Plan, Build and Manage

At Hensel Phelps, the words Plan, Build and Manage represent three interrelated, interlocking elements of our business – the three phases in the life cycle of every facility. They are bound together in everything we do, and they are found in every facet of our service offerings. Our Planning Services group lays out the logistics and trajectory for the project; Building Services handles the physical construction – the execution of the plan. Management Services can comprise a myriad of functions – providing ongoing service to a finished facility, which can extend for decades – for the life of the building.

During the Development phase, the triad of Plan, Build and Manage means first applying our experience and our expertise to assess the needs of the project and produce a road map to guide the entire effort from start to finish, and long after. This includes all of the needs that must be met for our clients, their facility, and its eventual occupants. We help our clients work through preliminary necessities such as entitlements and financing, so together we can establish the plan to move forward with the development of the project. This plan encompasses design during the Planning phase, construction during the Build phase, and the occupant, tenant and facilities services once the Management phase begins.

Inspiration, Confidence and Skill

Clients choose Hensel Phelps because they want to be inspired and to feel confident that the project outcome will be successful on all fronts. People choose to work with us because we are able to adapt our procedures, our people and our processes to their specific needs. By structuring our teams with individuals that have complementary talents and skills specific to the needs of each client, it allows our teams to consistently deliver high levels of collaboration and innovation that produce superior results.

Hensel Phelps Development was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary to augment the traditional construction services provided by Hensel Phelps, and assist clients through the entire development process, from concept to completion. Services provided are tailored to individual client’s needs, ranging from assistance in the planning process to providing a complete solution, including construction financing.

We provide solutions for clients and owners who want a seamless, single source of responsibility for the planning and execution of their development projects. Management encompasses all aspects of development, including project entitlement, programming and design, through the procurement of project financing, construction and owner/tenant move-in. 

Today, Hensel Phelps Development utilizes our extensive development experience and proficiency to develop and manage projects for a wide variety of clients, public and private, large and small. We have built a reputation for delivering complex projects on time and within budget, fully satisfying, and very often exceeding, our client’s expectations.

Hensel Phelps Development offerings include:

  • Design management
  • Scheduling
  • Phasing plans
  • Estimating
  • Budget/cost modeling
  • Building information modeling
  • Regulatory investigation
  • Zoning and code compliance
  • Green building planning/education
  • Bid packaging
  • Value engineering
  • Subcontractor pre-qualification


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Plan - Development Opportunities

Laird Heikens, President - Development Group 

Hensel Phelps Plan Experience


Plan with Ingenuity.

Every project is as important to us as it is to our clients, and they all begin with understanding your goals. Our highly trained teams are selected specifically for each client, so they can best apply their ingenuity to solve problems creatively during planning, the most critical phase of production.

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People, Process, Partnership and Technology, our clients call this The Hensel Phelps Way. Our collaborative approach, with proven processes, innovative technology and effective communication, allows us to deliver exceptional service at every stage of the life of a facility. 

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Introduction to HENSEL PHELPS

Discover Hensel Phelps' culture and services, and how we apply our expertise, experience and ingenuity for our clients.

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Hensel Phelps Anniversary Recognized

Hensel Phelps Anniversary Recognized

In recognition of our 80-year anniversary, Hensel Phelps was recently featured in Engineering News-Record's 2017 Construction Anniversaries publication.

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Hensel Phelps Celebrates 80 Years of Performance

Hensel Phelps is proud to announce that 2017 marks the 80th anniversary of the start of continuous operations for the company. We celebrate this milestone with immense gratitude for our clients, partners and employees, along with the communities in which we live and work.

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