Plan. Build. Manage.


Plan With Ingenuity

Our Ingenuity comes into play in how we anticipate and solve potential conflicts and issues – before construction begins, and it speaks to how we perform the delicate balance of combining our efforts with those of our clients and partners.

Build With Integrity

Building with Integrity brings to mind not only the structural integrity of a building, but also the moral integrity with which we conduct ourselves in all our relationships.

Manage With Assurance

Assurance means confidence and peace of mind for our clients; it’s also the confidence we have in our people and our processes, to bring the best to every job. Our expert people possess this quality as well, as they are self-assured in their roles as partners and leaders.

Every Project Is a Landmark Project

A landmark is a building or a place that is memorable for many reasons. A landmark can also be an achievement, a milestone, or a destination. Every project, no matter the size or scope, starts with our clients’ goals and aspirations in mind, so we treat every building, from a community center to a military institution, as a landmark in the making.

Expertise, Experience and Integrity 

Hensel Phelps’ people are highly trained and highly skilled. Our teams possess the expertise, experience and integrity that, from the first meeting, ensure our clients they will be a true partner in every phase of the effort. 

A Global Company with a Community Focus

We are a global company, with a local community presence. Our clients experience our deep commitment to quality and efficiency, as well as our sincere interest in the success of their business, and the communities we serve.

Trust and Client Satisfaction 

Mutual trust, confidence, and peace of mind have built our enduring legacy. It takes work, effort and dedication to build trust, and our clients nationwide and throughout the world, count on us each step of the way for all their facility needs. 

Introduction to HENSEL PHELPS

Discover Hensel Phelps' culture and services, and how we apply our expertise, experience and ingenuity for our clients.


Plan with Ingenuity.

Every project is as important to us as it is to our clients, and they all begin with understanding your goals. Our highly trained teams are selected specifically for each client, so they can best apply their ingenuity to solve problems creatively during planning, the most critical phase of production.

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Build with Integrity.

Our commitment to building lasting partnerships from genuine relationships is the hallmark of everything we do. Enduring relationships with our clients happen because we deliver value, with integrity, proven processes and open communication throughout every phase of construction.

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Manage with Assurance.

At the heart of our business is an integrated building solution that extends from project inception into the future. Our commitment to you doesn’t stop after a project is completed – we’ll be there to support you for the life of your facility. 

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With locations throughout the United States, Hensel Phelps provides nationwide capability to provide Plan, Build and Manage services to our clients with consistent execution across all geographies.

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